Let the right one in (2008)
Drama, Horror


We were commissioned to write a sonic interpretation of the Swedish vampire movie ‘Let the Right One in’ for the Watershed Cinema. The soundscape was played before the movie as part of the British Film Institute’s ‘Love is Like’ series.


“This soundscape has been designed, produced and delivered by Bristol’s very own creative sound composers, Dot Product. Adam Winchester and Christopher Jarman work in collaboration to create intricate soundscapes that aim to take the on a listener on a journey through a myriad of sonic environments and sound worlds, They are known for their experimental approach to sound recording and their unique use of bespoke and often home made microphones and instruments.


Using the film text as their foundation they have designed a piece of music aimed to exclusively audibly immerse the audience into the ethereal world if sound. Commencing the film with a sound installation and an original interpretation of the film score is the future producers way of inspiring the viewer to think about how sound behaves in a cinematic space. – Watershed Cinema 2015