Dot Product & Renate Knaup (Live)  

This unique world premier Dot Product show, united Bristol based experimental sound sculptors Adam Winchester and Christopher Jarman with legendary German Kraut Rock singer Renate Knaup of Amon Düül ii.


The trio came together to produce a visceral sound world that was as cathartic to the senses as unsettling to the nervous system. The trio’s material resonated beyond the soundswaves of ambient, industrial, noise, and drone music. Improvisation, gesture, and an emphasis on human interaction and emotive response were at the forefront of their process.


Amon Düül ii are widely regarded to be one of the founders of the Kraut Rock scene, and a seminal influence on it’s development. Renate’s experimental, far out radical vocals became a huge part of the bands avant-garde sound. With this new exciting collaboration, her beautifully haunting harmonies, off kilter utterances, and powerful poetic mantra’s combined with Dot Product’s mind bending sonics to create a seductive waltz of anchorless rhythms, textural drones, and emotional soundscapes.